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9 Great Health Benefits Of Good Posture

Help yourself to the benefits of posture correction.  Perfect posture can make all the difference in your daily routine.  Poor posture can be the reason for many different kinds of upper-body pain, including migraines and headaches.   Reading all the way to the end of the blog will help you understand what you need to do to help get rid of back pain, neck pain, migraines and headaches .  So please do us a favor and help us help you!


First we need to all ask ourselves some questions; While you are sitting at a desk do you have your feet resting flat on the floor? Is your back mostly straight and parallel with the wall in front of you?  Do you evenly distribute your weight while you are sitting?  Are your shoulders back but relaxed?  How about while you are standing, do your legs have a slight bend so your are not hyperextending them?  These are some great questions to ask yourself before continuing.  


Here are 9 reason's why you should improve your posture.  At the end we will also show you a really easy life hack to fixing your posture as easily and as quick as 2 weeks!


1.  Energy levels are greatly affected by poor posture.  When your body is in correct alignment, your body can successfully use the muscles the way they were meant to be used.  When your body is out of alignment your muscles are not working the way they are supposed to be, thus your body is working harder and using more energy.  This gives your body extra energy and maybe it will save you $5 for a coffee.


2.  Less strain in your shoulders and neck.  When you slouch with your head forward it can strain a multitude of areas including your shoulders, neck  and upper-back. Ways that we slouch or have forward head;

  • Spending a majority of the day sitting at a computer desk
  • Too much time on your phone
  • Excessive driving
  • Carrying a heavy backpack
  • The wrong pillow or even to many pillows. 
Training your body to keep perfect posture can reduce and sometimes remove pain all together.  


3.  Reduce lower back pain.  When you lift a heavy weight without using your legs properly what happens?  When you lift with your back instead of your legs you are much more likely to pull and strain muscles in your lower back.  With this in mind if you sit in a chair or stand with poor posture for a prolonged period of time you're causing strain on your upper and lower back.  


4. Increase your breathing capacity.  When you are slouching you are making it difficult for your lungs to expand and contract properly.  If you have times where your having difficulty breathing it could be because you are not allowing your lungs to fully expand.  Tip: 2-3 times a day take a minute for yourself and take 5-10 deep breaths this will help remind you to sit up straight and fully expand your lungs.


5. Fewer Headaches.  Poor posture has been proven to be a cause of migraines due to increased tension in your neck and a decreased breathing capacity.  Stretching your neck muscles that are weak can strengthen your neck and reduce the amount of headaches you encounter.


6. Improved Circulation.  Healthy blood flow is vital.  In order to keep good blood flow you need to keep proper alignment and posture.  Examples of ways that you reduce blood flow is crossing your legs one over the other with one foot flat on the ground.  The other way is sitting at your computer desk with your feet crossed on your chair.  These two examples are ways that cramp the circulation in your legs and reduce the blood flow regulation throughout your body.  Try and avoid these sitting positions as they restrict blood flow.  


7. Improved Core Strength.  When you maintain good posture your body naturally engages your core.  When activating your core muscles with good posture your body will actively learn and adjust your body to keep natural posture.


8. Look and Feel Taller  When you stand with perfect posture you are standing taller.  That's just a fact.  When you stand in front of the mirror and you judge your own posture how does it look.  Look from all angles.  Now take the time to stand tall and focus on making your posture.  If you took the time to do this you can almost see a instant difference in the way you look and feel when you practice this new posture.  


9. Better Workouts With Perfect Posture.  If you have ever taken a gym class in school you should know that the first thing that they teach you is having proper form while working out.  Posture is a huge part of perfect form.  When you have perfect form while working out you're going to decrease chances of being injured.

Don't expect to have a decrease in pain on your first day.  Most people see a difference within as little as 2 weeks  but results vary depending on how long you spend working on your posture.  Posture is a lifetime skill to master.  Now as promised here is the life hack for fixing your posture in as easy as 2 weeks.  Just watch this short video👇or click here

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