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Be Posture Perfect Premium Athletic Brace

Many Different ways and reasons to use

Get Perfect Form at the Gym!

Keep perfect form while working out. This posture corrector keeps your shoulders back and trains your body to keep perfect posture. Enabling you to get the most out of your workout!

Dance, Ballet, Iceskating, and much more!

Frame is a very important part of any sport. The posture corrector helps train your body while you practice. When competition day comes will you be ready?

Construction, Desk Job, Personal Trainer, Ect...

Working long hours putting strain on your back and neck? Maintaining proper posture is essential to preventing injuries, reducing back and neck strain, and decreasing headaches.

Proven To Help Relieve Tension Headaches

Poor posture has been proven to be a cause of migraines due to increased tension in your neck and upper back.  Stretching out neck muscles that are weak can strengthen our neck and reduce the amount of headaches you have.


Start with ten minutes a day, adding ten minutes a day up to two hours max daily.  This will allow your body to adjust to sitting up right.  Increasing ten minutes daily will allow your body to adjust naturally to perfect posture with minimal discomfort.   

To wear the Posture Corrector correctly, insert your arm into the loops so that the logo is upright on your back.  To adjust the Posture Corrector pull down on the two velcro straps and adjust to desired position.  There is also an adjustable strap on the back of the Posture Corrector for added support.  You can adjust this further by releasing the velcro where the logo is.  This will tighten the Posture Corrector further. Enjoy the benefits of posture correction.


I am an ice skating coach and I use this product to train my skaters. Be posture perfect helps my skaters with their posture and form. I recommend this product to help with any sport that requires good posture. 

Pamela K.

Absolutely love this product!  I can wear it discreetly under my clothes. As I work in an office I tend to slouch from working long office hours. I Would recommend for everyone looking to improve their posture and decrease pain and discomfort from the everyday grind. 

Jamie W.

My wife bought me this Posture Corrector because I was slouching all the time and in pain.  After wearing it for a couple of weeks I have noticed a difference the way I stand and I am in considerably less pain. Don't tell my wife but she was right. 

Jerry P.